How to Choose LED Light

Now days Many variants available in market, LED has become so variable and vast that normal person would not be able to recommend which one to go for. We are here to give all kind of support and guidance which requires while choosing the right product.

We can also guide how every typical conventional light can be Switch to LED by making right selection with nominal price range.

Weather it hotel, restaurant, cafe, commercial and residential places, they can be easily transformed into Green and eco-friendly environment, which can also save funds and power.

LED manufacturing companies does have recommended current flow chart to give high lumens with durable life. Normal cheap led can also give output, but it does not have:-

  1. Durable Life 
  2. LOW heat temperature.
  3. High CRI.
  4. Good quality connection in anode and cathode.
  5. Sustain with similar lumens after a year.  
  6. Actual wattage (it can be both high and low, which is not recommended)
  One more thing that LED manufactured by BIG brands and Cheap brands can not be differentiate by even Their manufactures because its like gold looks the same but purity matters, which can be defined by trust worthy brands who has delivered their material with in standards. Also installation of the LED matters a lot if Good branded LEDs are does not the right volts and ampers it will not last as conveyed by the manufacturers. So if getting difficulties in choosing let us know we can guide for which application what kind of LED can blend the best.

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