We are into Lighting business since 1980s, we have been serving all across India. 

After Observing potential benefits of LED Lighting for the consumers, The Brand Glitz was established in 2008. 

Glitz Lighting is a one stop solution for LED lighting needs. 

We provide a wide range of innovative and efficient indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, which are specifically created to give maximum output in terms of performance, energy efficiency and cost saving benefits.

  • Vision

    To be a Benchmark solution provider in LED Lighting, Through creating high Quality products for consumers with good after sales services.

  • Mission

    We look forward to deliver innovative and durable LED solutions with competitive pricing.

  • Growth Stratergies

    To reach out existing and new market and grow the current share of our products. Enrichment of our expertise in new and old products. 

  • Energy efficient

    More efficient in comparison of CFLs and GLS lamps, consume less POWER, Saves energy and money. 
  • Eco friendly

    LED does not produce any gases or hazardous heat in comparison of other lighting options.
  • Life span

    Life span of a LED is minimum of 30,000 hours, which is 10 times more than incandescent and florescent lamps.

Why LED?

  • Instant On

    Gives full illumination instantly, not like florescent lamps which takes time to illuminate.
  • Compact

    LED is compact source of light, takes very reasonable space provided proper heat sink aluminum for better life.
  • Vibrant colors

    LED is the good source to provide all vibrant colors, as per the consumer requirements.

Meet Our Team



Content Writer

Our best content writer with experience in literature and qualified in English honers.

Hema Kaur Chopra

Hema Kaur Chopra

Daily Operation Manager

Determined and focused on each and every operations takes place in our organisation.

Akhil Jain

Akhil Jain

Product Manager

He plays a vital role in our team, maintaining standards giving quality and durability of the product



Business Development Manager

Skilled and determined with experience over a decade and business management background.

Our Expertise

Manufacturing a product is an easy task but delivering QUALITY is not an easy task, it involves choosing rite raw material, using good Branded components, Good Quality check, Timely delivery and after sales services.

Performance 99%
After sales services90%

How We Work

Giving our best.

Our Focus is to manufacture and delivery the Best quality with best price. We are always keen to provide all knowledge and technological information to Our clients by which they can evaluate the difference of Quality with the price. We have Our Team Focusing on Quality for better Life of the Products we Deliver. At Our Manufacturing unit, Quality Check is the most priority process, we would always like to deliver Quality. Testing is most important process, which resolve all the issue before getting installed finally. We test our products for at least 24 hours to make sure every thing fall at it place. It helps in syncing led with driver and the thermal body of the products, we measure CRI, Color temperature, Heating Temperature, Drivers efficiency, etc.

Switch to LED lighting

With the ever increasing demand of energy and hence the immediate need to curb energy consumption has vitalized the consequent shift of human race from traditional ways to innovative, intelligent and more sustainable alternatives. LED lights, with its fidelity, reliability, long life, high efficiency and low energy consumption has revolutionized the lighting sector and has improved our world and ended the century old era of traditional light. For GLITZ LIGHTING, this is just the initiation of its journey for a glitz future to deliver reliable and better services to its customers through its unparallel products range. GLITZ LIGHTING will go beyond creating good light sources to deliver vastly improved and entirely new light experiences.


GLITZ LIGHTING designs and manufactures LED Lights for residential and commercial LED lighting thereby offering comprehensive solutions across a variety of indoor and outdoor LED Lighting purposes. We manufacture products such as burials, downlights, driver and SMPS, flood lights, hanging lights, led bulbs, panel lights, pendant lights, spot lights, strip lights, table lamp, track lights, and wall lamps. Being a pioneer in the lighting business and with an experience of more than a decade in designing and manufacturing of LED Lights, our dedicated team of designers, engineers and manufacturers have the expertise to provide market leading innovative, intelligent, energy efficient and yet affordable indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Our extensive list of LED lighting products range from LED lights used for residential, industrial and commercial LED Lighting purposes to waterproof LED Lights with cutting edge design loaded with reliable and latest technology available in vibrant colours which have zero effect on environment and are energy efficient and have a longer lifespan which is 10 times more than traditional incandescent and florescent lamps.


Ever before the advent of LED Technology Glitz has been there in the lighting business and we were among the initial companies to take up LED lighting as a motive to revolutionize the lighting industry and it has already been more than a decade now. With our pioneering knowledge about lighting and over a decade experience about LED lighting we deliver unparallel experience to our customers through our over the edge products which are designed and built by our dedicated team of designers, engineers and workers.As we believe in better light we know that our customers cannot compromise when it comes to light in their houses, offices and industries. That’s why we never compromise with the performance, design and embedded technology of our products which are built to perform and meet our customer’s expectations.